Why You Should Start Your Blog On Blogger Blogspot

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Blogger is the best platform hosted by Google to start Blogging. And also It’s free It’s mean you don’t need to pay anything If you want to start Blogging with Blogger. The control of your blogger blog is in your hand. You can also make money with your blogger blog. With Your blog, you can earn as much as you can. And it’s all free of cost. In this post, you will read why you should start your blog on Blogger Blogspot.

I have seen so many bloggers moving from blogger to WordPress or other blogging platforms. Because on those platforms they have better control over options and ads networks. But that platforms are not free. It’s mean if you want to use those platform then you have to make more money than you are spending.

Why You should Start Your Blog On Blogger

Blogger also has so many features that you can use to make your blog looks better. With Blogger anyone can easily create his/her own blog in just ten minutes. Also, you don’t need to worried about Bandwidth Because Bandwidth is unlimited with Blogger. Blogger blog also has a mobile version so the mobile user can also access your blog.

Custom Domains

So you want to start a blog with your own domain name. But don’t want to pay for the hosting. And someone told you that blogger didn’t let you use your own domain (URL). Then be happy because you can start your blog with the custom domain without spending money on hosting. Yes, Blogger allows you to use Custom Domain for your Blogger blog. It’s mean on Blogger you can easily start your blog with a domain name that you like.

You Are Free To Move Your Blog On another host

Blogger also allows you to move your all blog posts, archived, feed comments and everything that you want to move. No matter how much contents your blog has. You can completely move your Blogger blog to the other host.

Customizing You Blog Style

There are so many themes for Blogger that you can use to customize your Blogger blog. You have seen a navbar that appears on all blogger blogs that are not customized. But this navbar can be removed by using the custom template or doing a little bit setting. Blogger has several default themes that you can apply on your blog. And also you can upload your own theme.

Making Money With Blog

There is Also earning option available in Blogger blog dashboard. With this option, you can monetize your blogger blog with Google Adsense. And also you can use any other advertisement company ads on your blogger blog. Thre are so many ways to make money with your blog. And can easily make money with your blog.

That’s why you should start your blog on blogger.Thanks for reading my this post. Keep visiting for more useful posts. If you have any question about this post you can ask me by dropping your comment below.

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