How To Optimize Blog Images To Get A Huge Search Engine Traffic [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Image optimization is an important part on on-page SEO.If you can optimize your blog post image you can get a huge number of visitors.

As a blogger you must know that On-Page SEO is very important to rank in google.As google can’t read image you must optimize image in another way.

In this infographic,i will show you how you can get a good number of visitors byoptimizing image of your blog post.It’s noty easy but not quite hard.

You need to make sure that you are making image for your blogpost with your own hand,not from google.

If your copy images from google and edit it,it will be quite hard to optimize and rank it on google.

You can make image from Canva.You will get a huge number of high quality images for byour blog post for free.

Here is a Infographic with a few simple tips for optimizing your images for better search engine results.

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