How To Embed Facebook Videos In Blogger Posts

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Videos, either they are on youtube, dailymotion or facebook. Everybody wants it to be popular and shared so that it could get millions of views. Specially vloggers(Youtube Earners) wants alot of views to get maximum of their videos. So in this post I will show you how to embed Facebook videos in blogger. You might be thinking why should I embed Facebook videos in my blog if I can embed them directly from my youtube channel. Well because if you embed Facebook videos in your blog, you will not only get views but also Facebook likes. So its beneficial for your Facebook page as well as your youtube channel.
How To Embed Facebook Videos In Blogspot?
Follow below steps to embed Facebook videos in your blog post or layout.
Step 1: Go to Facebook Video Embed Page.

Step 2: Replace video URL with your Facebook video URL.

Step 3: Set width of the video in the input beside the video url.

Optionally, if you want to include full post along with video then simply check the Include full post checkbox.

Step 4: Finally click on Get Code button.

You will find two codes, one is the Javascript SDK code and other is Video code. Now you have the option to add a simple <iframe> code instead of the Javascript SDK. So switch to it as its simple and easy.
Step 5: Go to your post in which you want to add the Facebook video.

Step 6: Switch to “Html Post Editor”.
Step 7: Paste your video code in the Html Post Editor and publish your post.

You are done successfully, You can use the same code in Layout and show your video in sidebar or in footer or in header of your blog.

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