How to Create a Blogger Squeeze/Landinng Page

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A squeeze page, also commonly called a landing page, is a Web page used by online entrepreneurs to generate interest or leads in a product or service. Squeeze pages are designed to entice your customers to opt into a mailing list to receive more information or a page where they can purchase your product. You can create an effective squeeze page using the Blogger platform.

  • Log into your Blogger account. If you have not already done so, create a user account on Blogger by visiting the website and signing up for one. Blogger is a free service.
  • Create a new blog by logging in to Blogger and choosing the “New Blog” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter the title for your squeeze page and the address you want it to have — for example:
  • Link your blog to a domain. This is an optional step. Many effective squeeze pages are hosted on their own domain name, for example, rather than Navigate to your Blogger dashboard and then click on “Settings” in the left-hand sidebar and then “Basic”. Under the “Publishing” header, there is an option to “Add a custom domain” to point your domain to your blog. From here you can either choose to buy a domain through Blogger for $10 per year or point your Blogger-based squeeze page to a domain name you already own.
  • Choose a template and modify your blog layout. Effective squeeze pages can come in a variety of designs. Blogger allows you to choose from a variety of premade templates and lets you make a variety of customizations. For example, you may choose to show sidebars and gadgets on your squeeze page — or opt not to show any at all.
  • Modify your post layout. Squeeze pages often showcase a single piece of content to grab a customer’s attention. To show one post on your Blogger-based squeeze page, click on “Settings” and then “Posts and comments” on the sidebar and then under the “Posts” header, choose to “Show at most” one post on the main page. Click the “Save settings” button in the top right-hand corner to commit these changes.
  • Create your post. After you have set up Blogger, create your squeeze page by posting information about your product or service. Click “Publish” to make the post show up on your Blogger-based squeeze page.

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