How To Add Background Music On Blogger

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Blogger is one of the most popular free website building platform and I think most people use it. With blogger, you can open up a free website and it’s so simple to create the website here, just go to and create using the site name and URL. On blogger, you also can put your own design and can make something unique.
So today we will talk about How to add background music on blogger Actually, it’s so simple and you just need to go with some simple steps and you will do ! so let’s see How to add background music on blogger. And after add background music on your blog it will play an auto music when every time you visitors visit your blog.
  • First go to and choose a song by search or open an account to put your own sound.
  • After complete upload or choose an existing music click on the share button.
  • Now you will see the “embed” option just click on the embed.
  • After selection click on “more option” and check the “Automatic play” box.
  • Now copy the embed codes.
  • Go to your blogger blog “Layout” and add a “HTML/JavaScriptAdd” Gadget.
  • Pest the embed codes and edit the codes ( width=”0%” and height=”0″ ) as like this . Simply make the width and height 0.
And now just save the Gadget and enjoy ! you also can add this to any other platform too like wordpress or HTML site. Please let me know if you face any problem about it.

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