5 benefits of studying at an American university

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Ever wondered why studying abroad in a place like America is better than studying in the UK? Here’s 5 top reasons to get you started.
If you’re considering a student life in the States, you probably already have your own reasons for wanting to study abroad.
However there are a wide number of positives which come with an American degree that might spur you on that little bit more.
Many students will worry about things like: will the degree be recognised back home? Will I be too out of touch with English culture? Will I be able to make friends abroad?
Of course the benefits are largely down to your own goals but here is our list of a few reasons why studying at an American university could benefit you (even if it is a little bit more expensive).
Improve your employability in the UK
Believe it or not, there are lots of employers in the UK that prefer graduates that have carried out a degree in America. This is because most American Universities are held in high regard, whilst an understanding of the American culture can be beneficial for a global business.
If you can demonstrate that you are strong-willed enough to study in another country for several years and adapt to a new culture, then this can immediately set you apart from a job applicant with a degree from the UK.
Like anywhere, the better the degree you get from a respected US university, the higher your chances. However it’s worth noting that if you are able to study at a better university at home rather than a less known American university, it may be worth staying at home (solely on a degree basis).
Become a more ’rounded’ student
At American colleges, undergrads study a wide range of subjects in the first two years before choosing to specialise. This will give you great standing and experience in core subjects like Maths which are important in becoming a more complete student and graduate.
The more skills or strings you have to your bow allows you better employment prospects. Also, it gives you the opportunity to try a number of subjects before deciding to specialise in one for your final two years.
See the world
Pretty much all students are keen to explore more of the world and experience other cultures. Going to university in America could be the perfect opportunity for you to build up life experience by taking a step out of your comfort zone. Once you’re in the States, there’s so much to see and do when you have spare time!
It may be hard leaving family and friends at first but overall it can be very rewarding, by making you a stronger person in life and teach you key skills that you will need later on.
American employers recruit straight from university
The large companies in the UK often visit universities at careers fairs and so forth to show what they have to offer in terms of graduate careers.
In American universities the recruitment process by the large companies is much more aggressive. They will be looking to actively recruit you and may even fight for your services. This allows for better job prospects and higher wages.
Of course this all depends on whether you want to work in the US after studying, but you could easily be snapped up by a blue-chip company and really live the American dream!
Treat it like a holiday
During the summers off it’s easy to travel across America and see the sights. Travel is meant to broaden the mind and you will appear more employable as well as money conscious if you can prove you are independent and strong-willed.
Your friends at home will no doubt be envious when you return with a huge number of stories and great experiences.
And the rest
Of course, whilst there are some clear general advantages, the benefits of going to university in the US are different for each student as you will be looking to achieve different things.
For lots more information on studying in America as an international student, head over to the Study Abroad Americapage.
Warning! Don’t forget that in most of America you can’t drink until you are 21. This means that you may not get to go out as much as you would as a fresher in the UK. However, in America there is much more stress on social activities like sports that can help boost your CV.
(We are yet to see anyone mention that they proudly went on a 7 day bender during freshers’ week on their CV).

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